EL PRIORAT ________________________________

A little corner of purity and character inland from the Costa Daurada. A landscape sculpted over millions of years, forming a mosaic of deep valleys and dizzying cliffs, and in the background the walls of the Serra del Montsant rise colossal, framing the spectacle. Forms that mesmerised the monks who decided to erect the Carthusian monastery of Scala Dei in this inhospitable place in the 12thcentury. And from them came the vineyard, the wine and the olive oil. The village of Siurana also takes advantage of one of the impressive cliffs to rise up and round off this magical environment, with its streets, its Romanesque church and it views making you feel the full weight of history.


l Cairat started in 1984 as a “Granja-cafeteria” where we offered visitors exhibitions and a place for informal meetings…. always based around a well stocked table.
In 1992, Juli and I, Mercè, set ourselves our greatest challenge: to convert this café into a restaurant. This meant a lot of changes in the kitchen, as we had to spend more time making our food. Little by little, we evolved towards Mediterranean and Catalan cuisine, which you could almost say was signature cuisine. We continued to believe in the importance of local produce such as local extra virgin olive oil (an indispensable ingredient in our cooking) and of course, our local wines. We continue to offer an extensive list of wines from both the DOQ Priorat and the DO Montsant wine appellations. We were an excellent duo: with Juli in the kitchen and me front of house.
From 1999, due to Juli’s health issues, we took on an extra person to help in the kitchen. By doing this, we started a team, which was based on El Cairat philosophy and work ethic.Unfortunately in September, 2011 I was yet again faced by a new challenge and this time alone. El Cairat has now started a new era based on Juli’s spirit and my soul.I am pleased to say that El Cairat will always be “El Cairat del Juli”. (Juli’s Cairat).


Like every town and village in the Priorat, Falset is filled with history. Falset Castle, Portal del Bou and the City Wall, the old town with the Plaça Vella, the Rentadors [old washing areas], the Plaça de la Quartera, the Palace of the Dukes of Medinaceli and the Palace of the counts of Azahara. The streets of the Jewish quarter, the districts of Malanyet, Els Corredors and Font Vella. Yet the best thing is its people, rooted in this land, which, like a secret, once discovered, is an infinite treasure.