JULY - 2020 ________________

It seems to be the other day when we opened El Cairat. Many things have happened to us over the years and we have been adapting, always next to our client. 2020 is helping me to observe us as a society; these are moments of closeness, we want to meet again, to enjoy nature, freedom... And all this has made me think: why not go to our origins, when we were the farm-cafeteria? Well, yes, we are waiting for you with news, but always with the touch of the restaurant El Cairat. We have prepared a new menu where you can choose the dishes you want; we can also make you a personalized tasting menu. And what makes me most excited is to extend the opening hours so that you can come and make vermouth or have a glass of wine on the terrace of El Cairat, in Carrer dels Arcs. We prepare dishes to share, to have a taste and, above all, so that you can enjoy the cuisine of the El Cairat restaurant.  Mercè Pellejà

Our products ________________

Cooking with local products is to love the territory and its producers. With all their efforts the fruit of our land grows day by day. The uniqueness of a territory depends on the courage and perseverance of its people. Farmers, viticulturists and ranchers supply us every day with vegetables, cheeses, meat, fruits, oil and other quality products, such as mushrooms from Priorat, sobrasada from Vilella Baixa, saffron from Priorat, cherries, figs or truffles. The earth gives us its fruit and we reap it in its state of grace. From the field to the table, at the right time, like a flower when it is opened, a gift from the ground... This is the cuisine of El Cairat.

SUGGESTIONS MENU  ______________

SUGGESTIONS MENU  ______________

1ST COURSE___________________________

Tomato and vegetables soup in sephardic style  — 7€

Carpaccio of figs with Iberian ham shavings— 10€

Black spaghetti with tiny squid and oil of thyme — 9€

Scrambled with free range eggs, seasonal vegetables with your bread  — 10€

Baked fillet of sardine with oregano bread 10€


2ND COURSE____________________________

Cod with sauce aubergine — 15€

Stuffed calamari and salsa of vermouth — 14€

Steak Tartar of “Blackangus” beef with fruit and cherry ice cream — 14€

Crisp of pasta brick hunting card vegetables and a reduction of wine — 15€

Sirloin steak marinaded With olive oil D.O.P. SIURANA and char grilled — 15€



Dough balls with crema catalana — 8€

Slice of chocolate bread with a truffle of olive oil — 8€

Chocolate cake without eggs  — 8€

Home-made fruit ice-cream:
(Peach, apple to Calvados, cherry….) — 8€

Artesan Catalan cheeses (3 varieties) — 10€



33€ If you choose a dish from each group of the SUGGESTIONS,
it includes our home-made bread and a coffe.



"If you want to taste" MENU ________________


Potato fritter with “salsa Brava” — 1,5€/uni.

Tomato tasting with cheese — 10€

Coca de vidre (typical regional bread) with emulsion of tomato and bull (typical type of sausage) from la Vilella Baixa — 5€/uni.

Beef carpaccio with Grana Padano cheese and mushroom oil — 10€/uni.

Aubergine medallion with foie shavings and wine — 5€/uni.

Fried free-range eggs fried potatoes — 10€

Meat cannelloni with leek bechamel — 4€/uni.

Tasting of homemade cookies (pastissets, carquinyolis, casquetes….) — 2€/uni.

Chocolate truffles with cream — 1,5€/uni.

Bread fritters with wine and sugar  — 1,5€/uni.


With the PICA-PICA, from Wednesday to Friday,
we prepare a Menu from €20.



COLD DRINKS___________________________

Estrella Damm — 2,50€

Moritz — 3,50€

San Miguel selecta — 4,00€

Coke, lemonade, orangeade…. — 2,50€

Vermouth “of the house” — 3,50€

Special vermouths — S/M

Water — 1,50€

Cava glass — 3,75€

WINES BY THE GLASS ________________________

D.O.Q. PRIORAT __________________________________ 

Bellmunt blanc 2018 Glass 4,20 €
Formiga de seda 2017 Glass 3,50 €
Les Brugueres 2018 Glass 4,20 €
Petit Mas Sinen 2016 Glass 3,75 €
Tane Heretat 2014 Glass 4,40 €
Onix evolució 2012 Glass 4,60 €
“S” 2015 Glass 3,50 €
Desti 2015 Glass 7,30 €
Dempeus 2013 Glass 4,55 €
Ranci Meritxell Pallejà Glass 5,00 €


D.O. MONTSANT __________________________________

La Placeta 2018 Glass 3,00 €
L’Home del Sac 2019 Glass 3,25 €
Roigenc 2017 Glass 2,90 €
Cairats 2015 Glass 3,85 €
El Senat 2018 Glass 4,20 €
He-Ma 2018 Glass 2,45 €
Finca l’Argatà 2016 Glass 5,50 €
Tossal Expressió 2012 Glass 6,20 €
Etim verema tardana Glass 2,55 €