LOCAL COUISINE ________________________

Cooking with local produce that is close to hand is to love the country and its producers. With all their effort, they make the fruit of our land grow day by day. The uniqueness of a territory depends on the courage and the perseverance of its people. Every day the farmers, winegrowers and shepherds supply us with the Priorat’s vegetables, cheeses, meat, fruit, oil and wild mushrooms. Sobrassadafrom Vilella Baixa, saffron from Falset, cheeses, cherries, figs and truffles.

SEASONAL COUISINE ____________________

Special menus for the Annual Festival, for the Wine Fair, a Sephardic menu, Country Menu or a Music menu. The land gives us its fruit and we harvest it in its state of grace. From the field to the table, when the weather and the time is right, like a flower when it opens, a gift from the sun. Grapes in September, oranges, quince and sweet potatoes in November, watermelons and tomatoes in August and peas in March. Olive oil, "calçots", aromatic herbs, fresh fruit, vegetables from the garden. Tempus Fugit, make use of every instant.

PROXIMITY MENU ________________________

WITH LOCAL PRODUCTSPETIT APERITIVE followed by a dish to choose from each group 1st COURSE_______________________________________Fillet of sardine cooked in the oven with and oregano breadScrambled eggs with asparagus and tender onionPeas with tiny squid and oil of thymeRisotto with spring and saffron vegetablesSalad of beans and caramelized onion with cured duck breast and minted oil 2nd COURSE________________________________________Baked cod whith red pepper and honeyMonkfish with cream of truffle and pumkinFillet of RAL pork with parmentier of rosemarySteak Tartar of "Blackangus" beef with fruit and a wine reductionSirloin steak marinated in olive oilD.O.P. Siurana and char grilled DESSERTS_______________________________________Dough balls with cream CatalanCake of Fig Preserve and Almond Ice-creamQuince with goat cheese cakeChocolate cake without eggs and cherryice creamArtesan Catalan cheeses______________________________________________Water and homemade bread includedMENU PRICE 33€ VAT INCLUDED

SEASON MENU ________________________

WITH FRESH FRUITIn this menu you do not have to choose, are all dishes 1st COURSE_______________________________________Cream of vegetables and pearSalad of pasta and peach with beetroot pesto 2nd COURSE________________________________________Fillet of sea bass with caramelized apricot and apricot muslin au gratinFarmer’s rabbit with chocolate and cherries DESSERTS_______________________________________Of gin & tonicApple dough balls______________________________________________Water and homemade bread includedMENU PRICE 30€ VAT INCUDED RECOMENDED WINES_______________________________ROIGENC Rose 2013   Bottle 13,20€ / Glass 3,00€NOSTER Inicial 2014   Bottle 15,30€ / Glass 3,45€

DAILY LUNCH MENU ________________________

FROM WEDNESDAY TO FRIDAYOne dish to choose from for each group 1st COURSE_______________________________________Asparagus cream with trippingArtichoke hearts stuffel with pate and caramel of ratafiaPasta with sausage from Vilella Baixa"Clotxeta" with tomato, char-grilled vegetables, onion and herringGreen salad, tomato and cheese mozzarella 2nd COURSE________________________________________Croquettes of roast meat with vegetable chipsGrilled veal with Parmentier de rosemaryFried eggs with fried potatoesVegetable hamburger with its own breadRoasted salmon with cream of thyme DESSERTS_______________________________________Fresh fruit with chocolateBread pudding with cinnamon and a caramel of wineFruit cake made without milk in the SephardicTruffle XXLHome-made ice cream to your taste______________________________________________Water and homemade bread includedMENU PRICE 19€ VAT INCLUDED