Discovering the Priorat is to find out small treasures in our path. The Cartuja de Escaladei and the Natural Park of the mountains of Montsant are two clear examples of the splendor that this region of Tarragona gives us.

Located next to the small town of Escaladei, in the north of Falset and just 20 km from the El Cairat restaurant, the Cartuja de Santa María de Escaladei is an architectural jewel dating from the 12th century.

This monastery was built by the monks of the Carthusian Order in the heart of a valley protected by the Montsant mountain range, a unique place that fills you with silence, peace and serenity upon arrival.

Nowadays, thanks to the restoration work of various specialists, we can visit the ruins of three cloisters, the church, the refectory, and a reconstructed cell of what was the first Carthusian on the Iberian peninsula. Without a shadow of a doubt, a spiritual journey to the past that brings you to be close to the origins of Priorat.

And if we continue our route to the north, the Montsant mountain is revealed to us, majestic, around the Priorat vineyards. This protected natural space, declared a Natural Park since 2002, is already a symbol of the region.  Surrounded by cliffs, caves and ravines, the Montsant has a compact shape so peculiar that it is identifiable from far away.

Taking a walk through the Montsant is breathing fresh air and filling yourself with life. In addition to visiting the famous hermitages and exploring the fauna and flora of the park, you can also take advantage of your visit to Montsant for hiking, climbing, via ferrata or whatever the outdoor activity that you are most passionate about. This natural setting is the idyllic prelude before a good meal at the El Cairat restaurant.

So, in Priorat you will not only find excellent gastronomy and some unique D.O. wines in the world – in fact, you may have already kn own this – but also a captivating, historical and landscape heritage.