Dear friends and clients, 

Many of you meet me on the street and ask me, “can you open already?”

And I respond with a resounding no. People are surprised and I quickly keep explaining why I can’t open, which I want to share here as well.

First of all, the regulations establish a 30% capacity inside and that means I only can attend eight people. Secondly, due to the ventilation and the service outside: we are in autumn and in Falset we cannot have terraces until summer.

In addition, we have the perimeter closure on weekends, which means moving only around the region when we are, for the most part, recipients of customers from abroad, Catalan tourism and many foreigners.

And this without forgetting that at any time they can close us again 15 more days with full refrigerators and debts with suppliers. I have staff in charge and I need a minimum of work insured for them.

Despite the circumstances, El Cairat continues and will continue to be by your side. That’s why if any of you want me to make you take food to take away, I’ll be delighted! It will help me get rid of my anxiety and motivate me to feel useful again.

I love you, see you!!!

P. d. Lots of care and responsibility. Everyone can open and work with dignity without asking for any help. Please let us open and we will do our part.

Mercè Pellejà