After starting to work in July with respect but without fear for the times we are living in, I have to admit that I am surprised.

The prediction have been fulfilled. Although, for the moment, we have lost the foreign client, we have recovered the local client. And what joy! I was very excited to meet people who had been to El Cairat many years ago, who had come as children with their parents and now return with their children, who remembered that they had once been in Falset in a small restaurant, in an alley, and now they were looking for it. All these anecdotes have made me remember the years that I have been working and, above all, living in my little restaurant.

It is true that we are in a time of change and of reinventing ourselves, but I have realized that many people live from our beautiful and tender memories, where what prevails is the positive experience.

What will the future offer us? We don’t know, but we have to keep working on the present to build the future without forgetting the past. Remembering the food of our grandmothers, when we were little and we played in the street, when they did not ask you what you wanted to eat, when the products were local… Only with this past can we build a future with a more solid base through effort and the responsibility we have. We must be able to live with what we have and enjoy it to the fullest.

How good it is to eat a tomato just harvested or an apple from the same tree. How exciting it is to contemplate a sunset in Priorat, especially in autumn… How beautiful it is to smell a palo santo, see the grapes, make quince paste, and think and let your imagination into how we will cook it.

I only  can say: above all, let’s enjoy!

Thank you very much to all the clients who have come to El Cairat and to those who will come!

Mercè Pellejà