We are in quite delicate moment, what am I going to tell you… But taking a little distance and seeing everything that is happening, I want to expose you a positive point, showing the glass half full.

There are many people who have known me for many years and know what I have lived, especially with Juli and, finally, with her illness.

At that time I was young and we had to close El Cairat from one day to the next, because of the routine visit to the hospital they no longer let him go. Then came the operation, chemo, side effects, deterioration of the person, etc.

Well, I don’t want to make it dramatic, because in the end I always got a positive thing. My character was insecure, now it is not so much; I wanted to have everything under control, now I know how to improvise.

I have always said that time is the same: if you have a bad time, let it pass; and if you are in a good moment, enjoy it, live in the present! Now you have a plant or a flower nearby and you see it growing: ENJOY. You are reading a book, you have time: ENJOY. You are playing with your relatives: ENJOY. You are cooking for your loved ones: ENJOY.

Of course it is hard, but I must also admit that, with all those with whom I have spoken these days, I have seen you calm, relaxed, with a smile on your face, without stress.

I mean, ENJOY the little moments, we will get out of this!

Mercè Pellejà

P. D. THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO ALL THE PEOPLE THAT ARE WORKING: restrooms, business people, agencies, banks, firefighters, police, people who work with older people, volunteers … Everyone, thank you!